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A community science project to learn about intracellular infections in wild nematodes

Nematode hunters is a community-science effort to discover new natural intracellular pathogens that can infect our favorite model organism, C. elegans. Click below to learn more about why we are doing this and how you can get involved!

I must say how very impressed I was with the quality of the teaching materials you gave me.  The five presentation lessons and supporting materials were really top notch, much better than most of the programs produced by professional educational companies (that we pay for!).


It was so easy to implement with very little background about nematodes. Quite literally, a teacher with any level of expertise could pull this off. You all really hit this one out of the park

4th Grade Teacher

Pennsylvania Middle School

I want to share with you the

comments I was hearing from the kids. I kept hearing "I feel like a real scientist" (when putting on the gloves to plate their samples, or using the microscopes). 


I emphasized that they ARE real scientists - collecting samples for a real scientific research project, and (as my chem-bio grad son explained to me) adding to a body of knowledge that real scientists will use to build on and eventually improve our lives.


The kids are so proud of this, and I'm sure we've inspired quite a few future scientists.

4th Grade Teacher
Pennsylvania Middle School

I loved feeling like I was participating in research and how this lab allowed students to work at their own pace.

I loved everything about BIO 438 :)

Nematode Hunters Class Student
West Chester University of PA


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